Monday, September 21, 2015

Can't Send Pedro Home But We Can Import 100,000 Achmedds?


Let the EURO-TRASH deal with them.


We have totally lost our marbles this time. Captain Ketchup, John Kerry, has suggested we need to import 100,000 muslim refugees, some no doubt jihadists, into the US by 2017. How can this be done?

Liberals say it is impossible to send Mexican trespassers back across a border many walked through rather easily. Yet John Kerry a high ranking leader of America's leftist elite says he wants 100,000 muslims imported from across the Atlantic ocean.

No doubt the crisis is real. But also no doubt it is a EUROPEAN PROBLEM not an American one. We have our own issues with some 15 million trespassers from Tequila-land. Perhaps we should send some form of aid like 10-15,000 trespassers to look after them. But no way should we import more homeless into America.

A humanitarian crisis like this pulls on the shirtsleeves of everyone. But is it fair to import more homeless, put them in shelters before taking care of our own homeless issues? 
Liberals think so because the migrant exodus is new news and homeless employees of New York City is old news. Hundreds of Mayor DiBlasio's employees are homeless, thousands more make less than $15 per hour. 

Another example of how